Are Your Unfamlier With the Implant Process? Here’s the Gist

April 26, 2022

Dental implants are an superior innovation in dentistry. They serve as perpetual replacements for missing teeth. Implants are titanium anchors that are inserted into the jaw bone and overlaid with a crown. They are significantly sturdier than a natural tooth and never need a filling or root canal therapy. The anchors preserve the jawbone’s health and shape, and they have no impact on nearby teeth. In fact, they’re assets to nearby teeth. General dentists and endodontists place implants, but many people rely on a prosthodontist to perform the procedure. 

At the office of Deegan Dental, our friendly team is dedicated to caring for you and your well-being. We create a personalized treatment for each patient and offer a wide range of services. Our goal is to make your visit extremely pleasant and to send you home with beautiful and healthy teeth.

Here’s a description of the typical process. The method of implant placement depends on the kind of implant and the type of tooth (molar, canine, incisor) being replaced. While some implants can be completed in one visit, most involve two or three visits. 

The titanium anchor is drilledinto the jawbone—Novacain will ensure that you won’t feel a thing—and then covered with gum tissue. The anchor needs three to six months to fuse with the jaw bone. After the bone and anchor have bonded to each other, the periodontist might affix an abutment, which is also referred to as a healing cap, on top of the anchor. The abutment is a shield between the main part of the anchor and possible accumulations of plaque and debris. In some cases, however, the anchor and abutment are a single unit and placed at the same time. During the final step, a crownwhose size, shape and color match your natural teeth—is attached to the anchor. 

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